Fix and Flip Programs

After Repair Value Program(fix & flip)


  • Loan Amount: $75k to $4M+
  • LTV: Up to 90% of the Purchase Price +, 90% of Renovation Costs, Not to exceed 75% of  the ARV
  • Property Types: Non-owner
     occupied 1-4 Family Residential
     Real Estate; Condos;
     Townhomes; Multi-Families (5+); Mixed-Use Properties
  • FICO: 600 minimum
  • Rate: start at 7.49%

ARV program offers financing for up to 85% of the purchase price + up to 100% of the renovation costs, not to exceed 75% of the after repair value. Prior real estate investing experience is preferred but this program is available to first time investors.

Exposure Line Of Credit


  • Term: 12 Month Revolving
     Investment Periods
  • Exposure Limit: $1M – $10M
  • LTV: Up to 90% Loan-to-Cost; Up to
  • 80% of the As-Is Value; Not to
     Exceed 75% of the ARV
  • Property Types: Non-owner
     occupied 1-4 Family Residential
     Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes;
     Multi-Families (5+); Mixed-Use
  • FICO: 660 minimum

We offer an exposure line with streamlined approval for the After-Repair Value Loan Program with guaranteed leverage and fixed rates. This product is available to investors with a portfolio of 10 or more flips per year.

Buy-to Rent Loans


Term: 24 Months (12-Month Extension Available)

Loan Amount: $50k to $2.5M+

LTV: Purchase – Up 90% LTC and 75% ARV  Cash-Out – Up to 65% of the 

 As-Is Value

Property Types-: Non-Owner 

 Occupied 1-4 Family & Multi 

 Family Real Estate; Condos; 

 Townhomes; 5+ Apartments;

 Mixed-Use Properties

FICO: 600 Minimum

Rates: start at 7.49% for Rehab and 5.49% For hold

Buy-to-Rent loan program offers a 24-month term, with a 12-month extension available, ensuring that our customers have rental property financing that goes the distance. (An extension fee applies)


Multi Family Rent to hold

30-Year Fixed-Rate RentalLoans starting at 5.99%* and 3, 5, and 7 Year ARMs starting at 5.39%*

Closings in   Weeks Instead of Months

Our   rental loan   product provides our customers a reliable source of financing through a   simple and efficient online loan process. Our 30-year   fixed-rate rental loan product was designed to help savvy investors   capitalize on the rapidly growing rental market. With attractive rates and up   to 80% loan-to-value (LTV) on fixed-rate loans, these loans are a great way   to get cash out from your existing rental properties.  Rental loans begin   at $75K and up to $2 million with no personal income verification. *

Get Cash From   Your Existing Rental Portfolio

Rental asset-based loans can provide the cash you need   to grow your rental portfolio.  Benefits include:

· Get cash from rental properties – loans from   $75K to $2 million.

· Lower your blended rate – consolidate   higher-rate loans into single mortgage

· No personal income verification – lending   decision based on property cash flow*

· No hurdles – flexible loan options designed for   your buy and hold strategy

Advantages of Rental Loans:

· Cash out refinances

· No personal income verification – no W-2   required

· Minimum seasoning requirements*

· 620 min. FICO

· No hurdles- a very user-friendly and streamlined   process

· Foreign Nationals Permitted

· No DSCR Restrictions* (Debt Service Coverage   Ratio)

· Prepayment penalty**



All programs above are subject to change.  We deal with multiple lenders and investers that have different combinations of LTV, LTC, Credit and  Property types. We will do our best to guide you to the appropriate program.